MolView is a 32bit, DOS based application for viewing molecules. (freeware)
This project was created in collaboration with George Manolaros and was finished in May 1996. It was compiled using WATCOM's C/C++ 10.5 compiler. The .mv files contain molecule related data. All .mv files contained in the distribution package are the result of programs used in computational chemistry (such as GAUSSIAN and TURBOMOL).
MolView can be used for educational purposes.


  • Download the Molview distribution zip file (~330kb).
  • Create a bootable DOS disk (Win 9x boot disks will do just fine).
  • Unpack the distribution zip file in your boot disk
  • Read the license.txt file.
  • Boot with your new boot disk.
  • Run MolView by giving: mv.exe in the a:\mv directory.
  • If you like the program (or even if you don't) send me an e-mail.


Snapshot of MolViews main screen.


CAUTION: MolView is a DOS application and is NOT executable under NT based systems (WinNT, Win2k, WinXP).